Departed shipmates recognized at the 2019 Branson reunion

Charles Birdsong 1967-69 SH2
Leonard Blackford 1942-45 RM C
James Carman 1943-45 Lt.JG
Rich Dunkery 1968-69 BMCS 3
Harland Hanson 1945-46 S1
Bill Holcombe 1964-66 BMCS
Clifton Jensen SR 1942-45 SK2
Lyle Long 1945 GM2
R.D. Reed 1953-55 EM1
David Stanford 1950-55 BMC
Jim Stinsen 1945-46 QM3
Jim Wescoat 1944-46 RDM3
Glen Wright 1959-60 MM3

This page is dedicated as a special tribute to Jim Wescoat. Jim and his wife Maxine were the founders and hosts for the first KAS reunion held in St. Louis, MO, in 1990. They attended the yearly reunions until Maxine's health made travel too difficult. Maxine passed away on May 7, 2017 and Jim passed on February 3, 2019. The members of the organization will forever be in their debt for creation of this Association. Thanks to them the sailors of the USS Kaskaskia and their spouses have been able to renew the friendships they enjoyed as young men and developed new friendships based on common experiences.

USS Kaskaskia (AO27) Tributes