Departed shipmates identified since the 2019 Branson reunion

Lionel Axelrod 1943-45 Lt. Com.
James Bean 1968-69 EN3
Ted Bertagnoli 1947-49 FN
Bob Bonin
Ralph Burton Sr. 1962-64 MM2
A. Lee Carpenter 1950-52 SN
Richard Carver 1957 YN2
Robert Chick 1949-50 FN
Charles Chidree 1952-55 MM2
George Cohn 1950-54 BM3
Joe Cook 1950-54 QM2
Doug Coughlin 1952-53 PN3
Art Coulthard 1950-54 BM3
Marvin Cramer 1950-54 E3
Richard Crest 1952 FN
Bobby Cristelli 1949-50 RM
Don Cunningham 1967-69 C Eng
Richard Davidson 1952-55 BT3
James Derbyshire 1947-51 CSM
Robert DeVary 1952-53 Lt. Jg.
Dr. Byron Epley 1949-50 SN1
Melvin Faas 1944-46 CM3
Llyod Fadreque 1941-43 Su. Off.
Garnett Fowler 1949 FM1
James Frakas 1945-46 SN 1/C
John Fulton 1945-46 MM3
Linwood Futrell 1953-55
Trent Garber 1950-53 BM3
Ralph Himel 1952-54 GM3
Phillip Hutchens 1953-55 MM2
John J. James 1940-45
Mitchell Kay 1945-46 Lt. Jg.
James Kjerulff 1946-47 SN
Arthur Knisbell 1961-63 MMC
Irving Koff 1943-45 MM2
Howard Levin 1951-54 Lt. Jg.
Cushing Lord 1952-53 Lt. Jg.
Joe Malanik 1946-47 SN
John Marzulli
Brad May 1964-66 SK3
Thomas McEnery 1961-62 Lt. Jg.
Lowell McGhie 1945-46 PHM2
Martin Miller 1943-46 BM3
Ronald Mittie 1953-55 SN
Wayne Monroe 1945-46 BM1
Bernard Morris 1961-62 Lt.
Stanley Murphy 1952-55 END2
Gene Myers 1952-55 BM
Alva Nash 1946-48 QM3
Julian Nelson 1943-46 MM1
Dick Petro 1945-46 SN1
Lloyd Pritchett 1952-53 RM3
Royce Ramey 1967-69 E7
Mitchell Rieger
Myron Sawyer 1952-53 RM3
Bob Schuh 1948-51 SN2
Merle Sheffield 1945 Laundry1
Victor Simmons 1942-46 EM1
Edward Singleton 1951-53 BM3
Walter Slockett 1950-51 BT3
Glenn Small 1948-51 SH2
Alfred Sokolowski 1951-53 W.O.
Don Spilbeler 1949-50 SN
Larry Stogsdolf 1967-69 SFM3
Carl Tate 1961-63 BT2
Robert Thorson 1945-46 SK3
Norman Tiffany 1944-45 RM3
Richard Tiffany 1945-46 WT3
Robert Tully
Tom Tyrrell 1952-54 SK
Herbert Underwood 1952-54 RM2
Dave Wackerling 1961-63
Richard Ware 1951-54 FT2
Ronald Weber 1963-66 MM3
Irving Wessel 1945-49 MM2
Bob Wilkinson 1951-53 BM3
Grover Williams 1952-55 SN
Elzory (Lucky) Williams 1951-55 S1
Ralph Zerr 1952-53 EN3

This page is dedicated as a special tribute to Jim Wescoat. Jim and his wife Maxine were the founders and hosts for the first KAS reunion held in St. Louis, MO, in 1990. They attended the yearly reunions until Maxine's health made travel too difficult. Maxine passed away on May 7, 2017 and Jim passed on February 3, 2019. The members of the organization will forever be in their debt for creation of this Association. Thanks to them the sailors of the USS Kaskaskia and their spouses have been able to renew the friendships they enjoyed as young men and developed new friendships based on common experiences.